Well begun is half done

As I am sitting in front of my laptop at my home writing this post, the Independence day celebrations are running around all over India with joy, pride and enthusiasm.

Since my childhood, I had learned different stories about Indian Independence through school, movies, television, internet,etc. During those periods the spirit of Freedom makes a tearfull smile in our hearts thinking about the great struggle our elders endured for our country’s Freedom.

We have grown far from the initial stages of 1947 in every field like engineering, aerospace, medical filed,etc. But does bring any good to all the citizens of India is a big question. It’s the responsibility of each and every individual who should their work for the needed rightfully.

Though money is a necessity, making it alone should not be one’s priority in his or her life. I have started this blog in order to help others in my part. I will be mainly covering medical related articles, but you will get all new informations ,general info on various topics, my thoughts about them ,etc in my blog.

Regarding the name of the blog, it’s just a pseudo name inspired from Game of Throne’s series. But later only I got to know that there was a doctor actually named Dr. Jon Snow in the 90’s period.

I will try my best to give you a worthy time of reading. Please follow me in my social network platforms and stay connected. Ya, let’s start today and make a better India (Indians) in every possible way.

Independence Day 2017 – Dr.Jon Snow



Author: jonsnowdr

I am a medical student, youtuber and blogger. Interested in helping others via spreading the knowledge

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